The Unbreakable K'nex Sniper

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Introduction: The Unbreakable K'nex Sniper

The same as the breaking sniper doesn't break! So I guess you could say that the title for this is somewhat misleading...
It also has a much better range (old one could shoot 200ft according to axiys zx)

This is for those of you who like my breaking sniper but don't need/want it to break.
Original Gun:
Hopefully this slideshow will be easy enough to use as a guide for what needs changing when you've finished the breaking version (v1)

Oh, and don't ask me to post this gun as I never will.



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lol, I see 2 more since then (presumably you and me having this conversation right now). Would you mind awfully taking the time to view my latest forum topic? Thank you :)

I checked out your compact srv1 and it's nice I like it. I especially like your working knex clock I would absolutely build it but I need 1 more large knex gear

Thanks :P

6th view!!!!

270th view! (and 1st)

10th view!!!!!!!!!!