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Introduction: Lps Crafts - DIY

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Hi guys! This is my first lps instructuble so yeah. Haven't seen you in a long time. Also thanks to EVERYONE WHO follows me because I reached my goal on getting 40 followers!!!!!!!!!! Basically this is a 40 follower special or something like that. Hope you like it and have fun! :)

Step 1: LPs Seat


1. 1 wooden square
2. Glue
3. 4 pony beads ( other beads are fine too )
4. A marker -OPTIONAL-


1. Gather materials
2. Color the square if you want to
3. Glue the pony beads
4. Wait for it to dry

-You can use a hot glue gun or superglue too-

Step 2: Lps Skirt ~ No Sew! ~


1. 1 Pipecleaner
2. Felt
3. Scissors


1. Gather materials
2. Make a strip of felt
3. Make two holes on sides
4. Insert the pipecleaner like in the picture above
5. Tie the pipecleaner on the lps
6. Cut of excess pipecleaner

Step 3: Lps IPhone


1. Markers -Optional-
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Black construction paper
5. White printer paper
6. Pencil -Optional-


1. Gather your materials
2. Make a strip of black paper
3. Roll it up
4. Secure with glue
5. Make a little rectangle with white paper
6. Glue it on
7. Make designs

Step 4: Like, Follow, Comment and Most Important, Vote

Make sure to leave a like and to comment what I should do next. Also please follow me because I hope I get 50 followers before May 20 or 10. See you next time!




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    LOVE IT!

    U shoulder defo do more!

    nice! your really creative!

    You have collie #58 I do too...

    Yay you made a LPS instructable!!!!

    That's really cool that you make your own LPS accessories. I love it!