There a few things that you have to do to keep a Metal Lathe running nice and smooth. Keeping the Headstock, Gearbox and Apron oil filled. The Leadscrew feed Rod, Tailstock, Cross Slide, Compound Rest, and the Carriage all have ball oilers that need oil added.

What you need:

8mm Hex Wrench
Mobil DTE Oil Heavy Medium
Rag to clean out metal chips and spilled oil
old soda bottle washed out and cut down
Pump Oil Can

Step 1: Lubrication of a Jet Lathe at TechShop

We have a 5 gallon Bucket of the Mobil DTE Oil heavy Medium, to make it easier on us, we use an old soda bottle that is washed and  cut down.  Pour oil in to the bottle.

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