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Introduction: Luca Nintendo Room

Ok guys, just sharing the "Luca" Nintendo room with you. A room I've made for my son who decided to see the world on september 13th 2010 for the Mario 25th Birthday ! Also I wanted a Nintendo Room so I suppose he wanted too :)

I divided into several zones like :

1. Super Luca Nintendo Room
2. Retro Gaming Wall
3. Mario Wall
4. Nintendo Bed Style
5. Megaman Wall
6. Donkey Kong Shelves
7. Lapin crétin VS Duck Hunt

More pics and information are available but sorry, articles written in French but you can Google Translate :

You can also found every item I looked up for hours and weeks to find the lastest details

Hope you'll enjoy it as I loved to work on ! Next room will be Futurama & Back to the Future Theme, the baby is commin' :)



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    The black bean bag could be fund on ETSY :

    That would be so adorable for little kids!

    Where did you get all of the supplies?

    I have those wall clings in my classroom...wish you could come do all this other amazing stuff in it for me!! SO SO COOL!


    Great job! Thinking of doing this for my room! Nevermind my babys room haha

    That's gonna be my baby boys room!

    SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Woooowwww! It would be awesome if you could make a step-by-step of the Donkey Kong shelves!

    1 reply

    It's a ikea black shelves only red painted by Hand. Take lot of time but great ;-)

    I really like the shelves... are those Ikea'hacked' or others?
    Very well done!

    that's an awesome room!.. reminds me of my childhood. good job!