Lucky Charms IPod Nano Gift Box


Introduction: Lucky Charms IPod Nano Gift Box

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This year I kind of wanted to get my son something that was cool. The problem is that I don't want him to get the full impact all at once.

Have you ever read the ingredients in this stuff...yikes! Anyway, I will attempt to show you what I have done after I have done it. I started to take pictures midway.

You will need the following:

Box of cereal
iPod Nano
A knife
Paste or rubber cement
a little computer knowledge

Step 1: First You Will Need to Work Out the Image for the Box

I created the image from the computer. The image of the green iPod I copied to my computer from the web.

Then I added the wording on to the face of the iPod.

I printed onto glossy photo paper, cut it out and pasted it to the box.

Step 2: Open the Box and the Bag

Take your trusty kitchen knife and open the bottom of the box by sliding it between the flaps. Pull the bag out and gently pull the verticle seam apart not the horizontal top or bottom. You will then empty about a cup of the contents into a cereal bowl, add milk and eat. Then go grab your iPod and slip it into the bag!

Step 3: Seal It Up

Seal up the bag with tape or paste and seal the box lids with paste. Put a book on it as a weight, let it dry, and you're done!



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    I am a few years late to this party, but I just found this whilesearching for something else. Now I am thinking that I will totally usethis technique to give my wife a Kindle on Xmas. I will put it in a boxof Alphabets, I think that is a fitting choice. Thanks for thegreat idea!


    great idea! i'm always looking for cereal with awesome prizes inside!

    Cool, but what if the kid insists he won the iPod, and you really didn't give it to him?

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    He might act that way to just annoy you... trust me :-) Or even worse, he doesn't open up the box :P

    You think waaaaaaaaaay too much, less alone time for you.

    Hey, I'm 13, I would think its some funny joke and not open it. Seriously.

    I would say great always wanted this. Thanks and throw it in the cabinet. Coming from a 13 year old. I mean its a cereal box! what are you supposed 2 expects? The leprechaun to pop out of the box or something?

    I thought I was the only 13 year old on here.

    There are loads of 13 year olds on here. I'd say that most members are probably between the age of 13 and 17.

    hey im between the age of 12 and 14

    well arent you the smart little statisician.

    Haha. That's just my guess, my opinion. The reason I say that is because 13 is how old you need to be to make an account.

    really? i didnt notice. w/e. sorry, i was just in a bad mood, i had just gotten out of the ER.

    Oh, sorry about the ER. What were you in there for?

    A sprained my back. I don't know how, the doctor was in awe. Most people sprain their backs from blunt force trauma or car accidents or falling off ladders, etc.

    Ouch! That stinks.


    I'm 14