Step 7: Sew Down the Design

This step is made much easier if you have someone to help hold the wire in the shape of your desired design.
Mine was relatively easy as I just made my clover by bending the wire into three loops and sewed the center point a few different times, alternating which wires to sew down.

Now that you're done, plug in the batteries and check out your awesome new hat!

cool, but do you like that EL Wire high frequency pyyyyyyyp sound next to your ears? :D how to avoid this?
Hello and thanks! <br>The noise really isn't a problem, unless you're sitting in a room by yourself or something. lol Whenever I've worn this hat, I've been hanging out with people or at a party where there is noise. The location of the inverter (above your head) basically eliminates noise anyway because the hat doesn't go down past your ears. Where the hat touches my head forms a &quot;seal&quot; of sorts by way of contact, muffling the noise. Great question though :) <br>Cheers
Cool project - I went to St. Pat's there in Rolla in the 80's - had a blast. I'm sure you'll be popular at St. Pats this year with that hat!!

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