Step 3: Folding the Lucky Stars Step 1

There are a lot of instructions of this part, so if you don't get me, you can always check another ible or ask me in the comments.
I hope my pictures help explaining the steps
Take one of your stripes.
First, you need to make a sort of knot in the paper.
Form a loop as in teh picture and put the long side through it.
Pull further through and flatten the side shown in the picture.
Flatten the next side also.
Now, pull the paper tight and flatten the side that before pulling through a loop was.
Now you just need to flatten the side with the little ending of the paper.
You can do this by just folding back the little ending.

Next up is wrapping. Wrap the paper around the little pentagon, following the pictures.
Keep wrapping until you have a little piece left.
Tuck the piece in the pocket shown in the picture.

I love the necklace! another trick to help them be water proof is to spray them with lacquer after you modge podge them :)
Thank you!
I love this! Your pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing your hard work! <br>Sunshiine
Thank you!<br>Also thanks for subscribing
I got it.
That's awesome! I wouldn't have guessed from the picture that you made it out of paper. Great job.
thank you
This is so cute! Love the details
thank you!
Lovely! Will make one for my wife! And star earrings too!
thank you!

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