This is my (working) model Luger. It uses the exact same body form and firing mech as dr. richtofen's "knex pistol":https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-pistol-34/
Now its time form pros and cons! Oh, and please just constructive comments, no nonsense / rudeness!

Feels good
Looks good (in my opinion)
Mech works good
Fires red rods
Range: 20-25 ft

Rather awkward to load
Rang is not fantastic (still pretty good though)
Requires good rubber bands

Hope you like it!
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How come you build all the cool guns? O_o
XD, I dunno...
Its been broken for a long time. Hows your camera, are you gonna post that Beretta?
our good camera broke so now i have to use an old one, i found the cable but there's not much more space on the camera, so my parents deleted some of my photos of the Beretta :\<br><br>Anyways, i might try later on, no promises.<br><br>
Awe, that's too bad. =(
<div class="media_embed"> <iframe frameborder="0" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/x0yQg8kHVcI" width="640"></iframe></div>
The Luger is in my opinion one of the ugliest, yet coolest looking guns out there. Awesome job recreating it!
Thanks bro. =D
Not bad!
Not bad!
Thanks man!
No problem! =)
:D...wait, what are we smiling about...?
Your face.
? Fail?
Yup, fail...
lol <br>
Oh, my God. It's actually a Luger. *breaks down in tears of joy*
XD, I'm glad you like it.
Man, looking back, this is not very good.
+1 I like your handle better than mine, but it looks a little to small. <br>And does the knee-joint move?
No, the knee joint/hinge connecter does not move. And yes, it is a little small, but I built it to the size of a toy Luger my bro has.

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