Introduction: Luke Skywalkers Lightsaber (Episode VI) - FDM/FFF 3D Printable

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I made this because I was frustrated with the number of models that were only printable with an SLS or SLA printer which most home printers are not. I also just wanted to print this old lightsaber model I did. This is a 2nd iteration with bigger/better threads

Step 1: Print the Lightsaber

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I've uploaded a complete model and the separate parts if you need to reprint. You can print it with no infill and at least 3 shells, it takes a lot less time although you wont get that strength you may want.

Don't print this in PLA, it's not good for threads. Some other notes on the model: -I used a flashforge creator to do the test print in the introduction picture (you can see the build volume for that machine in the picture here) -This model is 28cm tall when constructed, 1:1 scale -The spacing between the male and female threads is 0.3mm -That circular unthreaded piece sits between two pieces which screw into each other -The smaller parts need to be glued together, they are too small (for me at least) to do proper detail with as they are on an FDM/FFF printer

Step 2: Assembly

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Be careful when screwing everything in. I recommend using acetone between part surfaces if you want to make these parts stick together permanently (assuming you've used ABS).

1. Using this image as a guide for where everything screws into, screw it all in. With the exception of that light blue circular piece in the picture which sits between two pieces.

2.Glue the smaller pieces on.

Voila! You're done. You can add a keyring piece to the base piece too if you want. Thankyou for checking out this instructable


JahdystW (author)2016-02-23

Can i please buy it

James___UK (author)JahdystW2016-02-23

You can send the files to a printerer locally to you on ;)

seamster (author)2015-04-05

This is so cool!

Did you paint yours to finish it? I'd be curious how it turned out if you did. Excellent work, and thank you for sharing the files!

James___UK (author)seamster2015-04-05

Thanks :D I didn't paint it but the first iteration was made and painted by someone else, they did a nice job

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