Hello fellow time wasters, welcome to my instructable on how to prepare my patented lukenanna. Never before has such a delecious morsel been introduced to the mortal world, and now it can be yours because I, your host, Luke, will be guiding you through every step of crafting this divine snack.

Let us begin. 


Step 1: "I'm a Banana, I'm a Banana, Peel the Banana, Peel the Banana" (Family Guy)

You aint going to need much for these babies. All that's really required is sugar, butter, a topping of your choice (ie. choc. chips, almonds, cereal, blue cheese, garlic, finger nails) and of course naners. 

The first step is to peel the banana and push your topping into the meat of the fruit. And that is all. You can be however creative as the government allows you to be in this step, add stuff like sprinkles and what-not, other yummy unhealthy things that will make this treat that much more desirable.
I did a patent search and I did not find one for the lukenana. :-)

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