Picture of Lumi Inkodye Negative prints
This project was one of the projects the families worked on at our Instructables Build Night at the library in September.  The kids looked for photos on the internet, created negatives and then printed them onto t-shirts or canvas bags.
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Step 1:

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The first step is selecting the image you wish to turn into a negative.  Choose a photo you have taken or find one you wish to use and save the image to your computer so you can open it in the photo editor. 

We used to make the negatives for our project.  In pixlr, choose "Open Image from computer" and select the photo you want to work on.

Once your image is open, choose "Adjustment" and then choose "Desaturate" to turn it into a black & white photo.
Next, choose "Adjustment" and then choose "Invert" to convert the image to a negative.

You are now ready to print your negative. 

Step 2:

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To print the negative, insert your negative into your printer so that it will print on the sticky side of the negative.  If you can't figure out which side is the sticky side, just wet your finger a little and touch the negative lightly.  Your finger will stick to the right side.

Before you print, make sure to set up your printer's settings to print in greyscale or black & white.  You do not want any color ink to print onto your negative.

Print the negative & you are ready for the next step.