Introduction: Lumi - Photochromic Dye

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Step 1: Material

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Lumi set and spray adhesive

Step 2: Material

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Turns out none of these are good choices of material for the lumi

They block off very little light, as a result, the pattern is barely visible

Step 3: Setup

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Place transparency, object, stencil, etc over surface

Oh it also is a good idea to place a piece of clear acrylic on top to stop the wind from blowing the transparency, stencil, object away

Step 4: Apply Dye

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Apply a layer of the dye

Step 5: Exposure

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Let it sit in the sun for 10 min
You will see the color becoming more and more visible

Step 6: Rinsing

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Try to rinse as much of the dye off as possible
Use detergent will help

Step 7: Experiment

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3D printed piece
It was pretty solid so it blocked off some of the sunlight. But the result is somewhat visible

Step 8: Experiment With Transparency

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The key is that the transparencies must adhere to the material (fabric wood etc) otherwise it will not block off all the uv light therefore creating blurry image


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