Lumina. Translating Cutting Edge Science Through Visual Communication




Introduction: Lumina. Translating Cutting Edge Science Through Visual Communication

We realize that many people are eager to learn about cutting edge science, but without the right medium of communication, this will not happen. Traditional scientific facts and figures can be difficult to understand, and we believe the solution lies in visual communication.

We aim to effectively translate any scientific topic through illustrations, graphics, photography and film to any target audience, including schools, nature reserves, fisheries, and sustainable construction and design firms.

With the burgeoning field of green construction, more and more businesses are seeking to become environmentally aware. As this desire for knowledge grows, we will be at the forefront of scientific communications. We will be more than just a consulting agency, we aim to be the intersection of science-art-and public outreach.

With the $25k, we will build our website and craft our team of talented scientists and artists. Luke has much experience with webpage design and all things graphic design. Sly is an enthusiastic photographer and videographer, and just completed his Master's in Environmental Toxicology and Ecology. He plans to complete his Ph.D. in the near future. We plan to recruit other scientists in other areas of expertise and artists with a wide range of talents.

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