Step 2: Make the mushroom caps and stalks

I used Sculpey 3 polymer clay in two colors:  translucent and glow-in-the-dark.

I wanted to create a subtle stripe effect instead of just mashing the two together.

I rolled out a log of each color then sliced them in fourths.  I placed the sections next to each other to make a shorter, fatter log, then squished them together and rolled them out again.  I repeated this a couple more times until the stripes were as thin as I liked.

I left the log thick and sliced off sections to make the caps.  I pinched the outsides of the slice together into a point to form the top of the mushroom cap so the stripes would line up properly.  I smooshed a handle into the bottom of the cap to hollow it out a bit, then pressed a blade into the cap to form lines inside and out. 

I used two enameled copper wires for each stem.  I rolled out a small log of the striped clay, flattened it, then wrapped it around the wires; the long ends of wire protruded from the bottom of the stem.  I squished the clay up from the bottom of the stem a bit to make it slightly fatter.  I bent some of the stems just a little to make them more interesting.

The tops of the caps and the bottoms of the stems could use some color.  I'd have used a flat brown brush on pigment powder if I had any, but all I had was metallic copper or silver powder.  I used those.  I like shiny.

On one of the mushrooms, I decided to use something flatter.  I went outside and grabbed a little dirt.  The dirt has larger particles than the pigment, so I really had to press it into the clay.  I could've scraped some brown chalk with a knife and used that powder, but I couldn't find it.

I baked these at 275 degrees for about 15 minutes.
llepisto4 years ago
I love this, I like to know how do I find or to make mushroom sculpey polymer clay that I am first time to learn to and want make this that my really favorite glow mushrooms.
This is one of the most beautiful projects I've seen on here. I adore it!
Replicator5 years ago
Very clever! Great idea!
Mr E Man5 years ago
Wow that's cool! But looks time consuming! how long did it take total? days?