Luminous Necklace





Introduction: Luminous Necklace

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Necklace made of cable , led and BLDC .

If you like , please vote in this project , I am participating in the contest ( Wearable TECH ) Thank you : D
to collaborate .

Step 1: Material

( 1 ) Cable ,the size you want
( 1 ) Led , color you prefer
( 1 ) BLDC ,Found also in cooler

Step 2: How to Make .

Connecting an LED battery ( battery) with the cable , also using the how necklace

Place the LED Inside the Centre to bldc Where have a hole

Place a battery ( battery ) for led back to facilitating your Exchange

Step 3: End ..

Finally, thank you

Leonardo Martins Tavares .

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Thanks :D



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    14 Discussions

    Good !!

    I made this for my ex a few years ago lol, almost completely identically actually, I even had green for the led

    1 reply

    nice que we had the same idea , if you like , and to Cooperate with one vote , thank you :D

    Nice !!

    Great !