Lump Purse


Introduction: Lump Purse

I finally finished my purse. It was inspired from a Grayson E pattern but I had to alter it some because I used Handspun yarn which I made for the purse. I paired the Handspun up with a felting yarn (don't know the name it was just out of my stash and had no label). Once I was done knitting it up I washed it then assembled! I use Grayson E handles and lined the bag. I think since I handspin yarn I should carry a purse that shows my work off don't you think?



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    I love it:)

    Stunning ~ Love it! When will we be seeing in resort areas such as Tahoe, Colorado, Utah and more?

    I love the purse....and the person who made it! =]

    no, they didn't ask us to post the directions just the projects we finished up~ you can google Grayson E and it's one of the patterns, there aren't very many but my looks a lot different because of the yarn I use my own yarn (lampes lumps)and it was so chunky that I had to make it a bit smaller!

    I just love your YARN, the lil curlies in it, and the color! I am going to run and get the yarn i got from you and start knitting it!

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    That's gorgeous! The lining goes perfectly with your choice of yarns.

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    Nice, looks great in the end. Exactly what does Lump stand for though?

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    Well a "lump" is a lump of yarn~ when I started my business I wanted to incorpate my last name which is Lampe so my yarns were deemed Lampes Lumps!