Picture of Lump Purse
Lumps 032.JPG
I finally finished my purse. It was inspired from a Grayson E pattern but I had to alter it some because I used Handspun yarn which I made for the purse. I paired the Handspun up with a felting yarn (don't know the name it was just out of my stash and had no label). Once I was done knitting it up I washed it then assembled! I use Grayson E handles and lined the bag. I think since I handspin yarn I should carry a purse that shows my work off don't you think?
tanabug6 years ago
I love it:)
Beautiful colors! The lining matches wonderfully!
lmozda7 years ago
Stunning ~ Love it! When will we be seeing in resort areas such as Tahoe, Colorado, Utah and more?
Dsteiner7 years ago
I love the purse....and the person who made it! =]
clamoring7 years ago
Did I miss the instructions somewhere?
lampeslumps (author)  clamoring7 years ago
no, they didn't ask us to post the directions just the projects we finished up~ you can google Grayson E and it's one of the patterns, there aren't very many but my looks a lot different because of the yarn I use my own yarn (lampes lumps)and it was so chunky that I had to make it a bit smaller!
angelescale7 years ago
I just love your YARN, the lil curlies in it, and the color! I am going to run and get the yarn i got from you and start knitting it!
lampeslumps (author)  angelescale7 years ago
Yeah! post your creation!
canida7 years ago
That's gorgeous! The lining goes perfectly with your choice of yarns.
lampeslumps (author)  canida7 years ago
Nice, looks great in the end. Exactly what does Lump stand for though?
lampeslumps (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Well a "lump" is a lump of yarn~ when I started my business I wanted to incorpate my last name which is Lampe so my yarns were deemed Lampes Lumps!