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Here are some pics from a Luna Mod I built on some perf board. It runs on PICAXE 08m and is very cool.

The original design is from Make: Magazine and is by Brian McNamara.


Javastar18 (author)2013-06-13

Heyy i made one of these! pretty darn cool i wonder if instead of using the picaxe tones, it could use music from an input. like a normal looper

justbennett (author)2012-06-25

I built one, but I wasn't really satisfied. So I replaced the potentiometers with LDR's. I found the noise to be annoying so now I use the completed project to experiment with different programs.

Anyway, I used an old computer speaker as the enclosure.

JuCo (author)2011-12-14

weird. i was just looking at this on make last week.

you got any ideas for your enclosure, yet?

blinkyblinky (author)JuCo2011-12-14


Possibly a Sparkfun box.

Higgs Boson (author)blinkyblinky2011-12-27

You should go into more detail on how to make it.

blinkyblinky (author)Higgs Boson2011-12-28

I know what you mean and am building one but I just haven't had enough time.

Working on another one and I will document it.

when do you expect it to be done?


seriously tomorrow.

Although when I post it is another problem.

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