Step 3: Measuring and Cutting the Box Pattern

I have not tried to do this before and after making this one; I will do a prototype before using my choice fabric.  Sewing the vinyl is a little tricky.  That is why I hand sewed this one.  I made 2 before this one to figure out the pattern.  The boxes that are best have fewer odd shaped corners.  

Fold the table cloth in half and cut one piece approx 20 X 20. You should have 2 pieces the same size.
Open the box so it is flat.
lay the box over the cut vinyl cloths.
Place a heavy object on top to hold it in place.
Using the marker (mark)  the end of the box that has the most shapes and don't outline it;  cut it 3 inches longer marking a straight edge across  for the cutting line. 
Using the marker outline the shape of the remaining edges of the box. 
Remove the box from the cloth.
Using the ruler mark an outside edge 1/4 inch larger than the original mark. This will be the cutting line.
Cut out the outside line remembering to leave the one end longer than the rest of the box and cut straight instead of following the shape of the box end.
not bad
So clever!!!!
I've never seen a homemade lunch box! Beautiful job!
Thanks Penolopy! I am trying to think of another snazzy one to make because it was so fun! Thanks for stopping by! Sunshiine
Neat idea. I wonder if there would be an residual pizza-odour for the next lunch that goes inside (because that would be awesome!).
By the way I had planned on entering it into your box contest but it was over! I will try and catch you on the next time around. Have a great night! <br>Sunshiine
Yeah like bacon! Yum! If I make another one, which I have a hunch I will . . . I will make sure it is infused with . . . . what do you want bacon?? Then I will mail it to Hdqrs with Attention: Mikeasaurus! I'll even send a lock for the door to the store room and you can go hide and eat it without feeling guilty!
Very cleaver idea to re-use a pizza box! Great job. :)
Thanks so much for the comment! <br>Sunshiine

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