The lunch decider wheel is basically a carnival-style wheel that spins every day at 11:45am and selects what is for lunch. It came about on account of my perpetual indecision on this very important culinary matter. In fact, this device does more than just decide what I should eat for lunch, but provides two very important public services. For starters, it selects what everyone will be having for lunch; eliminating the need for surplus cognitive work. Secondly, it prevents me from asking all of my fellow coworkers what I should be eating for lunch (much to their relief).

This project uses some serious hardware such as an industrial-scale magnetic clutch that I purchased directly from a Chinese factory and a 400w laser cutter that I used to cut up the plywood. Of course this project can still be built without these things. It would just require slight modifications to the design and construction process. I did not exactly reinvent the wheel; I just automated it and forced it to pick lunch for me.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:

(x1) 12V DC car seat motor (or similar)
(x1) 24V magnetic clutch (aliexpress)
(x1) Arduino Uno (Radioshack #276-128)
(x1) PC Board (Radioshack #276-150)
(x2) 12V relay (Radioshack #275-001)
(x2) TIP31 transistor (Radioshack #276-2017)
(x1) SPST momentary pushbutton (Radioshack #55050585)
(x1) LM7805 5V regulator (Radioshack #276-1770)
(x1) 10uF capacitor (Radioshack #272-1025)
(x1) 0.1uF capacitor (Radioshack #272-135)
(x2) 1N4004 diodes (Radioshack #276-1103)
(x1) 10K resistor (Radioshack #271-1126)
(x2) 1K resistor (Radioshack #271-1118)
(x12) Quick connects (Radioshack #64-3131)
(x1) M-type power jack (Radioshack #274-1569)
(x1) 12V @ 2.5A power supply (Radioshack #273-318)
(x2) 12V rechargeable batteries (Radioshack #23-943)
(x1) DS1307 real-time clock module
(x1) Clacker
(x36) Pegs
(x1) 1/2" x 3" metal tube
(x1) 3" nylon pulley
(x1) 3D printed pulley (print file)*
(x1) 3' x 3/8" round belt
(x3) 6-32 x 1" spacers
(x4) 4-40 x 1" bolts and nuts
(x8) 6-32 x 1" bolts and nuts
(x12) 1/4" bolts
(x8) 1/4-20 x 1" bolts
(x2) 4 x 8 x 3/4 plywood sheets
(x1) 4 x 8 x 1/4 plywood sheet
(x1) Assorted shrink tube
(x1) Assorted zip ties

*If you do not have a 3D printer, you can get one from Radioshack or have the part printed using a service like Shapeways.
What parts would I need if I did not have the electronic aspect?
<p>Lunch decider, eh? Ah another, first world problem finally solved! I do thank you for posting a greatly detailed instructable, though. I've been thinking about doing one like this without the electronic element. What type of drill are you using to counter-sink in step 15? It's looks like a portable drill press??</p>
<p>That sounds like the one my Dad used to have.</p>
<p>Cool! My Dad had a way less complicated, but not as cool one of these at the place he used to work. His was just a large, circular piece of cardboard, painted blue, with a spinner on top. And it had all the places in town written down in segments.</p>
<p>Nice work! This is really creative. I love it!</p>
<p>I wish I was an engineer</p><p>But I LOVE the idea good job</p>
<p>I like to blast the Price is Right theme when we spin ours.</p>
<p>Those who were wondering what consists of the extremely healthy diet of Instructable staff, here are the contents of the wedges:</p><p>Ice cream</p><p>Free lunch</p><p>Ferry building</p><p>Millerz</p><p>Everything burrito</p><p>To the trucks</p><p>A holy slice of pizza-kinda-thingy?</p><p>$12 salad</p><p>PIZZA!!!</p><p>Cheeseburgers</p><p>Sandwiches</p><p>PHO?</p>
<p>I love this wheel! I'm wondering if when it spins on ice cream if it's the meal or the desert? I think broccoli and cucumbers needs to be added. And where is the bagel with turkey and American cheese? :-)</p>
<p>This isn't a project, it's a work of art!! Picture quality,steps, design......very impressive.</p>
<p>I will never make this but I hope that someday I can complete a project as complete as this, quite simply Brilliant!</p>
<p>Solid work. Incredibly impressive to me. </p>
haha i beed this
<p>It's magnificent like an Arabian horse galloping through a snowy meadow!</p><p>Instructables truly must be the best place to work in the whole entire world. :D</p>
<p>Pretty much. </p>
<p>So being programmable lunch-selector, has anybody hacked it to make every day a pizza day? (Yet?)</p>
<p>Thinking about it...</p>
<p>This is so cool Randy nice work.</p>
<p>Thanks. It was a long time coming.</p>
<p>I really appreciate this Rube Goldberg solution to a Rube Goldberg problem! Nicely done.</p><p>I am an old school woodworker...not evolved to 21st century woodwork...could you use the laser to 'mark' your layout for the pieces you add to the base?...just curious</p>
<p>Yes you could. I did not feel like going that far with things, but that should be easily doable.</p>
<p>This is one of the most beautifully done instructables I have seen. You could probably also do one on how to prepare photos for instructable. Great job.</p><p>Russ</p>
<p>very good job.... i'm definitely voting on your ible</p>

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