Luxury Hammock for Any Pet Mammal





Introduction: Luxury Hammock for Any Pet Mammal

In this Instructable you will learn to make a nice, comfy place for your pet to sleep, rest and play. It is suitable for pretty much any mammal i can think of, the only limitations being the size of your pet (elephant hammock?). I have both ferrets and a cat and they both love their hammocks (especially the ferrets). Anyway, its easy to make very cheap and effective.

By the way, ignore my rediculous sewing and try to do it better than me. I really, really suck at it!

Step 1: What You Need.

you will need:

1. An old t-shirt, sweatshirt, sheet or other scrap of material you have lying around (I used a t-shirt).

2. Scissors

3. String

4. (optional) needle and thread.

Step 2: Shaping the Material

First, the material needs to be shaped.

If using a T-shirt, cut off the sleeves, then cut up both sides of the shirt. Then, open out the flap and you should have a rectangle with the neck hole in the middle.

If using just a sheet or peice of material just cut it into a rectangle, proportions depending on the animal(twice as long and thrice as wide as the animal).

Step 3: Filling the Hole (t-shirt Only)

If NOT using a t-shirt, ignore this step, it does not apply to you!

look at where the nec hole is. fold a flap of which was the back of the T-shirt over the hole and sew along the fold, closing the hole.

Step 4: Adding the Loops

So you have a rectangular sheet of material, and by this point you should be feeling pretty proud of yourselves, for you have achieved very little of recognition.

At both ends, use a ruler/tape and mark on every inch. Then cut at each one of these marks about 5 inches in. you now have nice frilly ends for your hammock, but unfortunately you will have to wave a solemn goodbye to half of these as you now have to cut off alternating ones.

Turn the sheet over so that whichever side you think looks best (the side with the pattern?) is now facing the floor, and the uglier side is facing up.

This leaves you with the same frilly appearance as before, except now there are less of them. Fold over each 5inch flap onto the sheet of material so that it overlaps just one inch. then sew these overlapping frills to the sheet, leaving you many lovely loops at each end.

The side which you have stitched the overlaps to is the bottom of the hammock, so turn it back over again.

Step 5: Erecting the Hammock

To erect your hammock, simply thread two pieces of string (you might want to use nylon for heavier pets) through the two rows of loops and secure it to a sturdy place where your pet can easily reach. You will probably find that your pet rarely sleeps anywhere else and so may want to make it his permanent bed. Simply fill with bedding and your pet will be content.

Another good point of the hammock is that it can be easily washed. just take out the strings, and throw in the washing machine!



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    13 Discussions

    A heavy weight bath towel easier to deal with. Just saying.

    Great idea!  (Although I doubt my cats would be impressed enough to let me sleep alone in my own bed, just so they could sleep in the hammock!)

    Couple suggestions, though.  When filling in the neck hole of the t-shirt, using one of the discarded sleeves would be good, without decreasing the available length.  And when making the loops for hanging the hammock, it isn't really necessary to cut off the unused "frilly parts" - just let it hang down for an admittedly sparse fringe - but it may amuse the creatures a bit.  As for the suggestion of adding a dowel or other stretcher, this makes the hammock more roomy but far less stable.  If you've ever tried a stretched hammock yourself, you know what I mean!  Probably better to just add a bit of pillow and be done, eh?

    Still, I'm more tempted to try this method of getting the cats off MY bed than many another I've come across!

     in the last step where u thread it thro the row of loops, u cood also add with the thread, a stick or bar therd to give a bit more surfacearea

    OMG! I made it a little different, but wow! It worked!

    Wow! I never dreamed making a pet hammock would be this easy! I'm going to make one for the ferrets at the local pet shop! THANK YOU!!!


    Cool!!! I love the humor you added, too...Great job! Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you for sharing! I have a bunch tees need to be get rid now to make it into hammocks to donate to shelters and my pets. :)

    Well, you may not sew great, but you have an awesome idea and are a kind pet owner. Good for you!!

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I made it, and it turned out great. Since my cat is like a sumo cat, I hot glue gunned the extra straps (after your done sowing them) down, which helped a lot... But my cat doesn't really like sitting in it... =(

    Cool project, I got a school holiday now so I'm gonna make this for may cats.

    Great job. That's a cool T-shirt. Maybe I could do this for my teddy bear(s)! Just kidding. Great Instructable!

    That is a nice little DIY item, especially for say a ferret, the ones that seem to appreciate the finer things in lounging :-)