Lydie (LunLun) -amigurumi Doll





Introduction: Lydie (LunLun) -amigurumi Doll

Hi! I've made a Haruka amigurumi doll, a Sandybell(e) amigurumi doll.. and this is Lydie (Hana No ko LunLun -LunLun flowerchild) amigurumi doll.
I've made some more pictures during the making of the doll..and I've written more details on each photo!
Hope you like it !!



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    These little ladies are so cute!

    Thank you! I really love them!

    Buna Ruxandra! Banuiesc ca esti din Romania. Te saluta o alta romanca si te felicita pentru ceea ce faci! Toate sunt atat de scumpe! Nooo, bravo! (ca prin Ardeal!)
    Corina din Cluj

    Buna Corina!!
    Ma bucur sa vad tot mai multi romani pe aici:D!! (cand m-am inscris cred ca eram cam Iti multumesc mult. Salut si eu cu drag Ardealul, de aici din Muntenia (de la Pitesti:D).

    Aah they look like twins! I am a twin. Very cute. Thanks for sharing!


    Thanks for sharing that cute picture!!:)
    I have a younger sister, but at one point we had the same height.. (i believe she was 12 and i was 16) and we were so happy - pretending we are twins:P

    How cute! I am a twin to a brother, the driver of course. We are very close but I always wanted to dress like my twin sister. Twins share a very close relationship and seem to know when something is up. I appreciate him though, even if he is a guy. I have a super older sister that is my best friend. She is 10 years older than myself but we sure have a lot of fun together. Sisters rock! I just love these dolls though.

    Thx!!! I love them also:). I always wanted a doll like some anime character... and now i have three...:P and on top of that.. i've made them:). it's really special for me.
    it's so great that you have brother and sister:D!

    I am blessed that way. Thanks.