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Introduction: Lydie (LunLun) -amigurumi Doll

About: Hi!! I really like challenges and handmade so here i am:). I also like childhood - this is were from i got the name of my blog (my real name is Ruxandra, or Rux - as i'm usually called:P).

Hi! I've made a Haruka amigurumi doll, a Sandybell(e) amigurumi doll.. and this is Lydie (Hana No ko LunLun -LunLun flowerchild) amigurumi doll.
I've made some more pictures during the making of the doll..and I've written more details on each photo!
Hope you like it !!



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    Thank you! I really love them!

    Buna Ruxandra! Banuiesc ca esti din Romania. Te saluta o alta romanca si te felicita pentru ceea ce faci! Toate sunt atat de scumpe! Nooo, bravo! (ca prin Ardeal!)
    Corina din Cluj

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    Buna Corina!!
    Ma bucur sa vad tot mai multi romani pe aici:D!! (cand m-am inscris cred ca eram cam Iti multumesc mult. Salut si eu cu drag Ardealul, de aici din Muntenia (de la Pitesti:D).

    Aah they look like twins! I am a twin. Very cute. Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for sharing that cute picture!!:)
    I have a younger sister, but at one point we had the same height.. (i believe she was 12 and i was 16) and we were so happy - pretending we are twins:P

    How cute! I am a twin to a brother, the driver of course. We are very close but I always wanted to dress like my twin sister. Twins share a very close relationship and seem to know when something is up. I appreciate him though, even if he is a guy. I have a super older sister that is my best friend. She is 10 years older than myself but we sure have a lot of fun together. Sisters rock! I just love these dolls though.

    Thx!!! I love them also:). I always wanted a doll like some anime character... and now i have three...:P and on top of that.. i've made them:). it's really special for me.
    it's so great that you have brother and sister:D!

    I am blessed that way. Thanks.