Introduction: Lynx ( Deodorant ) Can Stash / Safe

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I'm going to Rome soon and I thought I would buy one of those deodorant can stash things but it turns out they are about £10 which i thought was a rip off. so i figured I would make one, I have an empty Lynx can all i needed was a jar so I measured the diameter and went looking for a jar that would fit inside it.

After some searching i found that a Marks and Spencer spice jar is the perfect size, 4.5cm diameter lid and a straight bottle. Bouquet Garni was the cheapest at 79p the rest are upwards of £1.50

Step 1: Prep the Can

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SAFETY NOTE: you need to make sure the can is empty, hold it upside down and hold down the spray until nothing comes out.

with the empty can take a black cap off by pulling it, it will just pop off.

using a rotary tool or hack saw cut the top off and throw the top away you wont need this.

Step 2: Fix the Lid

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if your careful you can pull the center out of the lid, see photo

now you need to cut the taps on the sides of the lid off to allow the cap of the spice bottle to fit in.

put super glue round the spice bottle cap and slide it inside it should stop flush with the bottom. Once this is dry you can put this section back inside the cans cap.

Step 3: Put the Bottle in Place

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Put a large amount of hot glue on the bottom of the spice bottle then slide it inside the can and push it down and hold it central until the glue cools.

You could leave it there or do what i did and put some more hot glue around the top to make sure its secure.

Step 4: Assemble

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Ok well provided that the glue is dry on the lid you can screw the 2 together and your done, looks just the same as a normal can, well a tiny bit taller but on one will notice.


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