Lyrics on Your IPod/iTunes


Introduction: Lyrics on Your IPod/iTunes

Put Lyrics of your favorites artists in iPod/iTunes in 2 min!



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    not for mac :( but is ok! is cool anyway! thanks maybe I can borrow another computer and update it! thanks!

    Thank you so much! I've been looking for something like this! What you got to do is select your first song then hold SHIFT then click your last song then it selects all your songs. Then check AUTO UPDATE on the program and it automatically does all of my songs. Clicking 833 times isn't an option for me ;)

    Pretty dang cool, I've always wanted to get lyrics on my iPod, and this is pretty hassle-free!

    thanks for this! i couldnt be bothered to copy n paste the lyrics but now i just selct all and click get lyrics!!! Thanks!

    Cool, me wants to try. If I get a new iPod.