Step 4: Refill the Container

Picture of Refill the Container
You should be able to add any liquid soap to the container, although, I would stay away from anything too thick or the kinds that become foamy. Although the electric pump in the dispenser is not that different from the manual pump found in normal soap dispensers, so whatever works in one just might work in the other.

In the image, I am using Dawn dish soap; however, I have also used Equate hand soap among other things.

When the container is full, put the lid back on. First place it over the opening and then firmly push down. It will take a bit of force to ensure it is locked in place.
CaraWedd8 months ago

Worked like a charm! I had a hard time finding the replacement refills and didn't want to order them and paying shipping charges. Did a google search and came across your instructable. Thanks!

Kurt E. Clothier (author)  CaraWedd8 months ago

Glad it worked for you.