M-12 SABRE (Demonstration)





Introduction: M-12 SABRE (Demonstration)

I am showing off my new K'nex rifle, the M-12 SABRE.

It is a fairly large gun, originally built as a sniper rifle but became a semi-automatic rifle later.
It features a 9 round magazine not designed by me, but it is used so much that i do not know who designed it first. It also features a block trigger mechanism connected to a true-trigger, which i know everyone hates, but it works very well, and I myself hate the Sear mechanism.

It has a pretty comfortable and effective stock, but for the younger people you may want to shorten it.
The scope is just for show, I wouldn't recommend aiming with it.

As for power, I designed it from the start to be very powerful. How? It features a ram rod of black grey length, which can be pulled back further than many other rifles out there. This is more powerful because it allows for more elastic energy to be built up since they can be stretched further. This also allows more time to transfer that elastic energy into kinetic energy as the ram is released. I have also made the bolt "rod puller" able to move back to the starting position after the ram is pulled back, therefore making it easier for the ram to pick up speed since it does not have to push the bulky bolt forward.

The gun also has a very high capacity for elastics, at first the bolt will seem very hard to pull back, but it is designed so that when you are holding the gun properly (butt in shoulder, rifle straight in front of you) it is very simple to hold the gun with one hand on the front grip, and use the hand on the side of you that the butt is against, and pull back to bolt with that hand. The bolt may seem a little flimsy, but if you have the palm of your hand touching the curved part, and some of your fingers more towards the center, it will work perfectly.

Please say If you think that i should post this as an instructable, I will need to hurry in order to make it before I leave for vacation for a month and then moving overseas.

Posing today in the pictures is my brother, Patrick.



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    Cool pics. Cool gun. It doesn't seem the best though, but it does look good.

    Myself, I do not think you should make instructions. In all honesty, I think you can do better. ;-)

    Sorry, 2008. Never mind!

    Not semi-auto, but other than that it looks good.

    doesn't semi-auto mean that it has a magazine? well it does.

    No, semi-auto means that it shoots one bullet for one pull of the trigger without pulling anything back. If it has a magazine that means it is auto-loading.

    reminds me of the gun from gears of war's cover. everyhitng in that game is way to big like this gun. but big is a good thing imo

    the lancer rifle? Nah. Big and small is both good in different situations.

    That mag was made by hack124x768, and it has not been used too much. The last thing I remember it being used in was a remake of hack's original gun.

    Nah, I think it was on that gun with the barrel on the bottom of the frame.