the M.01 (Model.01) is a powerfull knex gun that shoots that reaches 60ft

pros: -powerfull
-doesnt use much pieces
-2 RIS systems

cons:-the mag jams

now lets build my 1st insctructable

Step 1: Build This

build all

Step 2: The Body

build and connect

Step 3: The Mag


Step 4: Stuff

pic 7
= safety on

pic 8
= safety off

looks good, but fires 5ft.
4*. I do like it better without the butt.
And just who are you to say that??? Mr. Griffdog28jr
who puts a safty on a knex gun? lol thats pretty cool for your first gun
Looks like Griffdog 28 jr.'s assault rifle...
how far doe sit shoot ?
hardly a ris system its just you upper and under barrel
Good for your first gun, but a bit average. 3*
Abit average? Your first gun was an RBG, and not even semi...
I know it sucked. But that is no reason to bring it up again. I know this is better than my first RBG, but I moved on to better stuff. Now how long have people like you, ooda, mepain, and bakenbitz been playing with knex? I would like to know, so I can make a statement about myself.
I came to 'ibles a few months before you.
No, I am talking about how long you 4 guys have been playing with knex. Surely you played with it before you came to ibles, no?
I've been playing with knex like 25% of the time Ooda and Mepain have, they were on 'ibles in 2006, I, 2008. I made a rubberbandgun, one with a hammer, and searched "knex gun" on the same day, and found instructables. I don't even think it was a month before you came that I did.
I think he meant the person named 'You', now called Carlisle or whatever he has now changed it to.
No, Im trying to ask how long Yerjoking, ooda, and mepain have been playing with knex.
Oh. Well 10 years for me.
lolz. I got my first knex set 5 years ago, but I threw it in a corner to gather dust until last year.
Now Yerjoking, do you really expect me to be <strong>that</strong> good? Mepain's been at knex for 13 years, Ive only been at it for 1. Not to mention I dont have 16k parts.<br/>
how long have they been playing with knex? Im not talking about when you came to ibles, Im talking about how long you've been playing with knex. 2 completely different things.
Fine, I'll humor you. 13 years.
Ok then, thanks mepain.
I'd rather have this than any of your guns, except the AR4V3 and the OSSR.
I didnt have tons of experience or parts on my first few builds. I didnt get that good until AR-4 v3. but whatever. Enough about me. I would have wanted a gun like this too, but yeah. Experience comes with time, Ive only been fooling with knex for over a year, mepain and ooda have been playing with knex for years. Yerjoking has probably played with knex for 2 or so years.
Ok, I didn't think much of you until the AR V3, you thought much too highly of yourself and your guns at the time. Now I admit you are getting much better.
I agree.
Prolly a year and a half for me.
The RIS things belong to Ironman (forgot #s someone help) so give credit

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