This Instructable will tell you one of the many ways to camouflage an M16 assault rifle or M4. It is easy to do, if you have the right things. Sorry about no pictures of the actual process. I had already done it when I made this.

Step 1: What You Need

- 3 or 4 colors of paint
- masking tape
- leaves and long grass.
- An M16 rifle
- Newspaper
- A few small weights such as paperweights
im pretty sure that isnt an M16, its an M4A1, M16s have a longer barrel, and they dont have a retractable stock. Unless its some different one that i havent seen, then id say its an M4A1.
<p>its nether its a C8 rifle with a carry handle instead of a scope</p>
<p>but the button and mag catch and bolt catch are on the wrong side</p>
correct you get a high-5 for pointing it out :D
I know it's not an M16 but what I mean when I say M16 is a rifle of that type. Mine is kind of a cross between different guns that look like that so it can't really be called a specific type.
Abbath-you cant judge that on an airsoft gun. and if it were an m4 it would be a m4a2 because the upper reviever is different. but you were close. airsoft4ever- you used high gloss paint. i can see the shine. just fog it with low gloss paint to correct that.
im a chicken :D
can anyone here tell me how i can stick leaves and grass on my sniper without making the tape noticeable ???<br />
make a mesh and just throw stuff on, but if not duct tape is the answer
i would try this thing they made recently i think it's called glue but i'm not sure<br />
i have that same airsoft gun it is freakin awsome in long range
sweet airsoft gun how much FPS do you get on that baby
340 or so

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Bio: Hi. I'm Peter. I love airsoft. Most of my instructables are about airsoft. So if you need advice, or tips on airsoft, tell me.
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