M17 Sniper Rifle





Introduction: M17 Sniper Rifle

This is a cool looking sniper rifle I called "The M17". It uses a slingshot design and an awesome trigger made by Viccie.B1993. You can also attach things like the bi pod (made by darth gecko man), the iron sight, and the ugly scope down in step 6. Watch out for snapping rubber bands, don't shoot the regular bolt up close to something (or it will break), and dont break anything valuable either. Also, keep an eye out for the image notes they are very important when building this gun. Check out my SR-V3 slide show too! https://www.instructables.com/id/SR-V3/

Pros: Looks cool
very accurate at a distance and up close
shoots 130 to 160 feet
comfortable and strong stock
6 second reload time
only requires one rubber band to go the distance advertised
and uses regular #64's OR thick #64's

Cons: fake magazine.

Over all I'd give it an 8/10

I hope you like it and you have fun with it!
if you have any questions or comments, please don't wait to ask.

Notes: this instructable is not printer friendly
I am not liable for and injury or death. (and I am not joking)

Step 1: Barrel

this is the barrel

Step 2:

this is the stock

Step 3: Body

this is the body or the main part of the gun

Step 4: Handle

this is the handle. if you really do not want a flimsy handle, make the second one

Step 5: Ammo, and Other Tips

the bolt (its ammo)

Step 6: The Ugly Scope, the Iron Sight and the Cool Bipod.

just look at the notes.



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    i would just like to say, im the one that should be blamed for any printer related injuries =D.

    1 reply

    haha i didnt even look at it that way when i wrote it :)

    you say don't make this do you realy mean 'DON'T MAKE THIS?'

    3 replies

    no I meant dont make that longer part of the barrel. and did you say you made the gun and you only got 40 to 70 feet. well to to get more range aim it at a 45 degree angle and fire it with thick rubber bands and also, even though it may snap your bands more easily, you should make sure the rubber band is tight.

    dont you think you responded like uhh a year and a half late......... just sayin haha....

    yeah this was like, my first gun :P

    still cool though. I dont care about looks, just as long as it shoots.

    with me i pretty much only care about looks......................

    the handle

    duct tape

    lowneys sr v2 can shoot 500 ft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 replies

    I meant the one he built. But yes it is KILLERK's gun.

    nice background in the first pic