M1903 Spud Gun Rifle




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Introduction: M1903 Spud Gun Rifle

This is a pneumatic spud gun i made that is modeled after an M1903 Springfield rifle. i made the wooden stock the camber, the barrel the front and rear sights, and the shoulder strap.



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    Looks Great, you should make an instructable of how to make it.

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    thrers many instructable on that subject already 11/27/2013.. this is the future typing to u

    awesome job but i have 2 queries about it. 1, how do you load it and 2, could it be used for paintball. again, excellent job and looks very much like a real springfield.

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    thanks much man. to answer you questions, 1) its muzzle loading... i tried to make it breech loading but was having trouble with it getting to the proper PSI without leaks so i made the chamber continuos, since this photo it now has a new chamber (this time out of galvanized steel) that looks nicer and can be pumped up to and beyond 160 PSI (prob between 900 and 1000 PSI but due to the brass fitting i have as well i.e. the schraeder valve and the reducer to my ball valve and including the ball valve my PSI Max is lowered to about 400 PSI). 2) i'm not sure about the paintball i haven't tried it but i measured the inside diameter of the barrel and i believe ti should work. again thanks very much i enjoyed making it.

    so u put in a tee joint in with a valve thats yr answer right there

    Fyi paintballs are .68mm so if you wanna shoot them find somthing with similar diameter

    You can buy .50 cal paintballs, which are 1/2", which would be 15mm pvc.

    lol yeah i does kinda look like that. thanks for the comment.


    looks nice dude, looks authentic and like its had a lot of work put in it, the only limitation is the ball valve, it will always be slower than a modified solenoid valve which means less power but if it isn't as important to you i wouldnt worry.

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    thanks yeah it was fun to build took like a week and a half to build i was going to make it combustion but figured out that getting the right mixture with a chamber that small would be nearly impossible. but this design actually works really well it shot a 3" dart all the way into a palm tree.