Well, I got quite a bit of requests to post this, so I will.
Before I go into pros and cons I need to tell you that this is a single shot, and it DOESNT have a mag in the handle. 

Looks awesome
Trigger that blocks far back
quite low part use
has a bullet lock

Trigger is kinda different (rather than listening to a trigger click once, this one has to click twice)
Uses a lot of Y clips (not a problem for me)
Handle plates fall off sometimes (can be fixed with an elastic)

Note: this gun uses three broken white rods (two optional) and a green rod cut in half. And two broken Y clips are optional. A broken orange connector is also required. (Both tabs taken off)


Step 1: Handle

This is the handle. Where your hand goes.

Picture 1: What you WILL make.
2: Make these. Make two more of each, just don't make them with white rods sticking out of them.
3: Get those. (If this is too hard maybe you shouldn't be building this XD)
4: Put those things on the other things.
5: Put the other ones on.
6: put these on each side. Note the broken Y clips. They are optional.

<p>Made this a couple minutes ago. Awesome replica! Looks very realistic. Thanks for posting it, Seleziona! Here are some pictures of the finished product:</p>
love this gun <br>
I like how my name is in the tags, lol.
Hey, the part on the handle that sticks out, that kinda broke off a little bit, so to fix that problem, I put a white rod with a blue clip right over it, and they connect on the two yellow connectors at the back. Also, for the sight, I used a broken white rod with a y clip, which works better for me. :)
would you please make a piece count?
this is my 10th time building this its that awesome <br>
lmao, awesome!
but if it had a mag it would be awesome <br>
I think it's good singleshot. but whatever
you think its good i got to make hole in a dart board
You can really make a mag on it!:O
Check out the pic I got of this gun =)
How many mega pixels?
Lol Wat?
Mega pixels?
Mega pixels are how high of a quality picture. I was being sarcastic.
Love this gun! 5*
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, GRAPEFRUIT!!!!!! Quick, who has the sugar?!
<em><strong>&lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 </strong></em>
! ! !
All these tags and only 2,241 views? D:
I guess so D:
you had all the tags grouped together....
Cheers I made this and modded it but even though its only single shot its awesome and i give it a well deserved 5 stars!
what do you mean broken white rod its yellow
oh, no. That is a half of a green rod. Sorry!
what is the point in cutting a green rod in half<br>
When you put it on a connector it keeps the two tabs of a connector from collapsing inwards and wrecking the part.
does the half moon REALLY need to be broken? <br>
No, it doesn't. Where did I say it did?
<br>you didnt its just it shows the half moon on the top in pic 2 is broken and btw check your inbox
is it slide action??<br>
this gun is so cool i built 2
Thank you very much!
your welcome
is this a good sidearm? <br>
Yes :D
Why do all your guns need broken peices lol :)
This is the best pistol i have seen on the site, looks good, simple to make, and works great! Subbing for all that!
Thanks man :)
no probs. This is now the standard side-arm of Echo Force (my version of the Deltas, but british!)
lol, cool!
add a mag great gun i give five stars *****

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