M24 Sniper Rifle





Introduction: M24 Sniper Rifle

My latest Sniper design. Hope you like it. constructive criticism please. It was built for extreme accuracy over 25 m or so, and medium accuracy for anything between 25 and 50 m. The scope is specialized, and I am looking to make one which csan be ajusted for distance like a real sniper. The barrel is long, which is why it is so accurate, as the bullet stays straight all the way down. Im trying to get rid of a pigeon infestaqtion im my garden with it at the mo, but had to abandon the quest after shooting my sister (accidentaly of course).



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    i made that gun but forgot name plz tell me

    it kind of looks the same as yours but a little different

    your mini gun or gatling gun is so cool

    Why won't you post this? I'll give you a cookie if you do. Oh I know just because the gun uses "" special parts "" huh? Please post though.

    Dude you gotta post this. Tell me when you do. Just simply post comment. You will die if you don't post this. BTW, No offence.

    awesome but whoa that is a big ash bipod