Picture of M333
This is a fun way to learn about the solar system
Materials List:
• At least 4 Styrofoam Balls
• Wooden Dowel Rods for each Styrofoam Ball off of the center
• Paint
• Paint Brush
• Any other personal item

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Step 1:

Picture of
1. Get the materials
2. Think of a theme
3. Start Painting your “sun”
4. Let your “sun” dry and start painting planet 1
5. Let planet 1 dry and start painting planet 2
6. Let planet 2 dry and start painting planet 3
7. Continue this for all your planets.
8. Insert the dowel rods into each planet and connect them to the sun.

Step 2:

Tips and Tricks

If sharpie markers can be used to decorate the planets it could be neater for the details.
Give plenty of time for drying 
If the students want writing on their planets have them write on it in pencil first.
A proper title would help people find this. No one knows what M333 means ...but otherwise good!