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NAME: M392 designated Marksman Rifle.

Ok, so this took me about a month to finish. Some features may be a little off and i realize that. i am still editing as time goes on. currently features a fully working removable mag. does not have true trigger or fire, semi working sights/scope, and life sized. If anyone can copy this design and make it have working firing system. go ahead. just credit me with original design. tell me if there are any other pics of this you want to see.


DJ Radio (author)2011-12-10

I don't think this comes close to looking like a DMR at all. Try slanting the handle and making the gun less curvy for starters. Add a bigger scope. Make the body taller.

~Meme~ (author)DJ Radio2012-03-20

He should have used a Y connector for the frontal sight.


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Bio: I love to make models weapons from whatever possible. Currently creating a machinima with live action video series using HALO Reach
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