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Introduction: M4 Carbine, Knex

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The Classic Modern Assault Rifle

The M4 Carbine

This was posted on my Birthday (21st Jan) (even though it sais the 19th) :)

1.0 - Base Gun with no updates and no accessories

About my gun:

Credits to The Dunkis' for the (most excellent) magazine.

Based off of the M4 Carbine in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

This is not an M4A1 Variant...



Model: M4 Carbine

Mechanism: Slide Action FPM

Range: 20-50 feet depending on Rubber Bands used… mine got 30 with one (loose/weak) #64

Magazine: The Dunkis’ (amazing) STANAG



Great looks



Stock is a little too large for my liking…

I don’t like the carrying handle…

Pieces Warning: This build may take up a lot of your pieces. It includes a large count of Y connector "Black Hands" - 25 in total. Also you'll need 8 half orange conns. Also, a black rod is recommended, but not required...

If you can, please take time building this.

I will look forward to seeing your comments.

And last but not least, please comment, rate, comment again, then subscribe :)

Step 1: ForeBarrel

just make..

Step 2: Grip/Tactical Rails

From now on i'll be just putting the pictures in and saying make...

just follow the pictures, its seriously not that hard...

Step 3: The Dunkis' Banana Magazine

Step 4: Stock/SlideAction


Step 5: Handle/Trigger Assembly

Step 6: Barrel

Step 7: Body

Step 8: The Inner Trigger Band

Just follow the video through and you should be good.

Can't see the embed?


Step 9: Assembly So Far


Step 10: Carrying Handle

Step 11: Final Assembly


Step 12: Attaching the Grip/Forebarrel...

heres both another forebarrel and how to attach it...

you'll need 4 green cons and 4 y connectors..

Can't see the video embedded?


Step 13: Done

there ya go guys

please note that MotaBoi's M4 and mine started off as a collaboration and that is why they have the same grip idea...

This is my Desert Eagle .50 model... it probably wont be posted as a full ible...

Also sorry about the lousy instructions for the AK and M4, I got really bored making them and i thought that writing the words over and over again is pointless.. especially as you guys can easily guess what im gonna say..



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    i didn't have enough pieces so i shortened the gun

    post instructions for the desert eagle. I think everyone who looked at it would like to build it, including me.

    Can you post instructions on how to make that Desert Eagle? It looks awesome, and if you post instructions, I can make it. Nice M4 Carbine too.

    hey barrax, u r sooo cool.
    er if u dont mind me asking how old are u?

    2 replies

    This is Barrax (trust me, no-one would fake being me anyway)...

    I haven't checked this website in years... I'm 16 now, but was 13 when this was posted (actually 2 days before my birthday).

    Thanks to everyone else for continued interest well after I got banned, just wish I could turn those 80,000 instructable views to Youtube views.

    Should I get back to building? Looks like instructables has died down since.

    Also I got banned (hence the cross through line) for the following reason:

    Me and DJ Radio took part in a prank that insulted another member, DJ didn't get banned though. That annoyed me.

    Not sure if I want to get back to building...

    Did you hack Knex Freaks profile? Just wondering. Never liked knex freaks guns...

    Your D. E. looks like a Five-Seven.

    please don't stop turning out awesome models like this :c

    the 'ibles could be a bit clearer, though...

    can u add an ible for the (what i think is) m9 plz

    1 reply

    i thought it was an M9, too :p

    this is awesome i would have never thought of it for my m4a1... cuz my barrel suxs and can i use this on my gun? when or if i get enough peices i'll show u what it looks like onmy gun..

    3 replies

    i changed up your gun a little more...



    i recognise that body, mag AND stock...

    thanks for asking to use my ACR first mate...