M4 W/sight




Introduction: M4 W/sight

not my best but here it is.hope u like it(:



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    I thought the M4 had a bannanna clip (a curved clip), but may be I'm wrong.

    Most do but i looked over it again and figured it was an ar-15...oops:P

    Oh wow! Do you know lots of guns? It is hard to tell which is which what becuase you just know so much.

    sometimes it can be hard to tell....and yes i do ,i go hunting,paintball,airsoft aka,im still studying for my license there is like 100 Qs(questions)and you have to get 80 right anyway i haven't been on alot cus im on runescape too

    Oh. Cool! I love hunting! I've been thinking when I turn 21 I plan to go to Alaska to hunt and have a vacation there with my dad who is a experienced hunter and had hunted ever since he was 9.

    No. I've been to the Grand Canyon, Yosemite Park, Beijing, Canada, and los Vegas. Where have you been?

    washington dc ,texas ...well ive been to vegas but only once

    Hmm....it seems like I kind of bragged.

    no not really i just forgot all of them cause i went alot of places when i was really young