Hello there, this is my new M4A1 Assault Rifle it's a good looking gun that has a retractable stock with three slots, very comfortable handle, true fake trigger, nice iron sights, and nice fake barrel with rail system. I hope you guys like this and stay in tone for more guns in the future

<p>this isnt a instructable if you post instructions for your things I might actually like and buold</p>
<p>nice bro</p>
<p>Thanks and I'm starting to build the AR-15 double barrel right now <a href="https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FQY/U693/HXWUZTNG/FQYU693HXWUZTNG.LARGE.jpg" rel="nofollow"> <br> <br> ea0a200b9fa2db745f047b4945cd7606.jpg <br> </a></p>
<p>Dude, I've heard about that, it looks soooooo boss! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JD4u_e2xjE4</p>
<p>I know right it would be awesome if our troops could have this so the enemy would so scared of us </p>
<p>Well, to be honest, I'd rather see our troops armed with something more... modern. Either the ACR or the ARX-160 would, in my humble, only slightly informed, opinion, be more benificial.</p>
<p>Yeah I hear ya, they need to get rid of the M4 but don't get me wrong it's still a very good rifle though</p>
<p>We are in agreement then! The M4 is great, one of the most popular rifles ever (taking third place... the FN FAL is first, the AK-47 is second, the M4 / AR-15 takes third), but it is kinda outdated...</p>
<p>Are you sure the FN FAL is the most popular rifle ever?</p>
<p>My god I tought it didn't excist xD</p>
Nice replica
<p>thanks man</p>

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Bio: I love buildin knex weapons and trucks
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