M60 Knex Machine Gun



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Introduction: M60 Knex Machine Gun

This is my first slideshow so, if it sucks, please comment on how I can improve. Shoots about 40 feet, if you just want the shooting part of the gun, it is the yellow strip on top of the machine gun. True trigger, very big, not very heavy.

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    its..........................ok, i guess. 3/5 stars

    the front piece is like a weak banana

    this is not full auto... so its not a machine gun its only a model of it with a single shot firing mech but i still like it

    Hey, if the slideshow is having an error, then you can still post some pictures in a comment on this page instead.

    I know, its piss poor, what do i do

    submit a bug report.

    I did too, the error has been going on for months though.

    listen, posted new one, slideshow works, FN P90, ave a look

    How... soz, im crap at this