This is a heavily improvised version made from materials i had at hand and left over so nothing to fancy involved.
 My version will work and fire small balls of tape etc from a smaller shotgun style carriage inside the ammo barrel,using extreme small amounts of low power propellant,might even try lighter/barbecue fluid,BP in super tiny amounts etc...or alternatively just use it as a prop.

I'am not responsable for however you use this crazy creation and it is by no means safe,unless used as a prop that is.

Step 1: Tools Needed and Early Construction.

Lots and lots of Hot glue sticks and a glue gun,few sheets of thick cardboard,Strong Scissors,Boxcutter,one short and one long length of PVC pipe/tube,push button switch wire,battery pack for power,Aluminum cans and Foil,Whatever paint scheme you desire that color.

How to start off:First cut your two sections of PVC pipe/tube to the desired side requirements,thats the simple part now making the stock cut out your templates from thick card x2 and parts for the bottom and top of the stock,glue it all in place as shown,tricky part making the bracket/brace to fix the barrels in place, make one small and medium card box open ended that the tubes will fit into and slot into check it as you make or build around the tube as i did so its exactly the size needed now lengthen it with more pieces of card,glue this thing with a large amount of glue,now the last part here the smaller barrel as pictured affix card end piece stopper with a hold cut in for the wires to go in much much later i added straws for optional led power light at much later date or not at all,in case your wondering why the hell there straw pieces in there,now the main parts have be made to create the body..onto assembly.
Jk cool design<br>
How does it work?
Not sure why i made this just wanted to see if i could.

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