This is the M90A shotgun from Halo 3. Have so much fun with my shotgun.

--Sorry everybody i have been saying that i would post all this stuff and i never did. i have recently gotten a new media station on my computer so i can post instructables now.-- Hope you enjoy my shotgun. Thanks N-Striker

Pros. :)
-uses 2 different barrel designs
-uses rare sear trigger
-uses 2 different body structure types
-break action
-can shoot a wide range of ammo

Cons. :(
-alot of peices used
-can malfunction when loading (rare)
-hard to cock back

P.S. Happy New Year!

Step 1: Parts List

Alright here is the parts list:

-yellow= 107
-white "snoflake"= 15
-blue= 12
-red= 20
-green= 5
-orange= 62
-special rollercoaster green 3 slot= 4
-dark gray= 6

-blue= 47
-white= 58
-red= 8
-small green= 152
-gray (sharpened)= 1
-yellow= 2

-3 rod panel= 4
-blue spacers= 38
-elbow connectors= 2
-Y clips= 17
-blue clips= 2
-tan clips= 1
-ball connector (ball + socket) = 1

Step 2: Handle

This is the part where you hold the gun.

Step 3: Trigger Mech

This is the sear trigger system. Instead of your ususal block triggers and true triggers, this is a change. (Nothing against them, of course :))

Step 4: The Under-Barrel

This is the part underneath the barrel.

Step 5: Under-Barrel Cont.

Not all the pics could fit in one step.

Step 6: Stock

This most likely the hardest/most complicated part. There is alot of connecting to do. But, it's really sturdy and comfortable, at the same time!

Step 7: Barrell + Last Pic From the Stock.

The barrel and the last pic from the stock. This might be the easiest step. (PHEW!).

Step 8: Barrel Cont.

barrel cont.

Step 9: Put It All Together

This is where everything fits into place.

Step 10: Rubberband Placement

This is where you put the rubber bands.

Step 11: How to Load.

Okay this step will tell you how to load the gun.

from a bb

to a grey rod!

In the video i sot three green rods.

Step 12: Thanks!

Thanks alot everybody and i hope you enjoy my gun!
copy of logic boys fssg
Good gun, but not a good replica. Look at the stock, trigger guard, magazine and barrel, and compare it to the real one. Doesn't it feel like there is something missing?
Well, this thing takes too many time to reload it, but it looks kinda good.
looks ok, it does remind me of a halo shotgun, but not terribly so. 4.5* you could have made a pump, shorter stock, trigger gaurd and some fake barrels. but those are only small things apart from the pump.
first of all u should of made it pump and it has a horrible trigger and loading mec but it does look like a halo 3 gun overall
next time click add comment, not reply, cause i got this as a comment for my comment...
You did NOT just make no pump for this.
escuse me?
No pump? : (
oh sorry.
Don't worry.
~Update~ Now with mag! Uses ironman69's mag style without the bendy rod action. should i post?
where does the break action come in when you use the mag?
it doesn't. no more breakaction w/ the mag.
If you want to use a mag like that but with no chopped rods you can use the one from my SCAST.
ya post the mag to! 5*
no easy load slot and you don't have to use the chopped rods
yes you do, if you are using v1, b/c of the convertion in the barrel, the ram could get stuck. it is break action. now without the mag, that is right you do not need a chopped rod and it is easy to load.
lol "ball connector"
Pretty sweet, dude! Keep this up!
I wouldn't say it uses many pieces really. Looks good.
Thanks! See the stock...
Yep, looks better with it.
no, i mean thank you, but i was saying there are alot of peices in the stock.
Oh, ok. If I build I would use it as a sawn-off so I'm not worried with the stock.
Looks neat, nice instructable, the handle could use some work though.
Thanks. Yeah i was at kind of a loss with the handle... did u rate?
4* More if you change the handle:)<br/>
okay i'll try :p
looks nothing like the shotgun from Halo 3. but a good shotgun nonetheless. 4.5*
i think it does... a little.:] but, thanks!

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