Step 5: Ammo Counter

I have not fully decided how to store the 9v battery, so I just drilled a thin hole through the ammo counter for the LED wire to pass through so a battery can be held externally (You may wish to cut out a compartment specifically for the battery.

The Ammo counter is 2 inkjet pictures sandwiched between 2 acrylic "windows". I cut away the bright blue lines from the back picture so as to make them appear brighter than the background (It's super effective!) I treated myself to a game of invasion to obtain a large screenshot of the display, and edited it out to print it off (Edit is in pics below).
(My original screenshot: http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/FileDetails.aspx?fid=13838758&player=flyn21193)

You will have to resize it to fit your ammo counter's hole, but 35mm ± 2mm should suffice, so print out 5 varying sizes, and then the correct size again for the back image, and trim the white.

Epoxy the front (whole) image face down on the acrylic, and the rear (with lines cut out) image face up on the acryilc, and leave to dry, pressing gently to remove air bubbles. This should give a near perfectly adhered image protected by the acrylic (Sorry for the absence of cut out section pics). Cut the acrylic with the coping saw, leaving about 0.5mm around the edge of each, then epoxy the two together (The paper sides) and sand sown edges onse dried. Check pics if uncertain.

When assembled the display will fit snugly in the recess, and the led shines brightly through the cut sections especially, giving an x-ray or lcd effect to the darker areas.

Remove the display and wires for the next stage....... painting!
tony199302 years ago
I would suggest drilling a hole in the aluminum tubing about where the wire comes out and feeding it through to the magazine well in the back for the 9v or maybe you could install a battery pack with a on/off switch
Shadow Of Intent (author)  tony199302 years ago
I'd actually doldered a small SPDT switch to the front of the 9v battery holderso it can be turned on and off without removing the battery. I didn't feel it was reallt worth the time to make an internal battery pack, since this was a low-ish quality first attempt.