Step 8: Finishing!

This is the finished product (Without the logos). As you can see in some of the pictures, I still have no permenant place for the 9v battery, and resorted to blutack and discreetly pressing the wires across the terminals!

That pretty much wraps up this instructable, and I hope this helps anyone else planning on making their own foam model.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to comment!
<p>One more question, how sturdy is this?</p>
<p>Pretty strong. It would probably break if it was rested on both ends and something like a medium sized dog jumped on the middle though. You can always reinforce it by putting a wooden dowel right down the middle though.<br><br>The main damage you'd see from it is dents and scratches from being dropped. while the foam isn't &quot;spongey&quot; like EVA foam, it's fairly soft and low density (Hence why it's so easily carved)</p>
<p>I am a 12 year old with a limited budget, how could I make this for cheap? </p>
<p>This is essentially the cheapest way. Either this, or use layers of foam board</p>
<p>Dude could u make on for me please. I'll pay you fifteen dollars for it</p>
<p>I'm starting to think all these newly created accounts are the same person!</p>
Could we be able to talk more about making the assault rifle and the mark V armor. I like your tutorials but im a big newbie and would appreciate it if we could work together via video chat to show me a better way to make these armors. Message me back so we could be able to talk. Thank you ~ Jeff
<p>I agree with terror kitties post/tip</p>
<p>tip: hide the battery in the magazine.</p>
<p>Heya! This is awesome, a great prop. </p><p>One question, is it possible to make the Magazine detachable to give it that extra feel to it or is it more hassle than it's worth?</p>
<p>Thanks! It depends what you make it from really. I could have easily cut off the protruding part that forms bottom of the magazine and used a long kitchen knife to cut a rectangle that went in 5-10cm inside the model, then a horizontal cut to release the top of that polystyrene &quot;block&quot;, then glued the two pieces back together. The horizontal cut line could be easily covered up with the foam details that go above the magazine on each side.<br><br>I've also seen it done with moulded fibreglass models, but since that is hollow , you'd need to spend more time making a box for the mag to slide into. I've seen a couple that used magnets to hold the mag in place, and presumably give an audible &quot;click&quot;. Whatever you decide to make it from, a detachable magazine should only add an hour or two to the total build time, so it can't hurt to include it. You could even turn it into something useful like a 4x AA battery holder to power the backlight.</p>
Did you brush or spray paint it on?
All brushed on. Definitely could have benefitted from being sealed with PVA beforehand, but it wasn't too bad for a first attempt
<p>Haha that's awesome.</p>
This is amazing.....
I would suggest drilling a hole in the aluminum tubing about where the wire comes out and feeding it through to the magazine well in the back for the 9v or maybe you could install a battery pack with a on/off switch
I'd actually doldered a small SPDT switch to the front of the 9v battery holderso it can be turned on and off without removing the battery. I didn't feel it was reallt worth the time to make an internal battery pack, since this was a low-ish quality first attempt.
Amazing instructable, I just hope mine will turn out similar <br>
yes... but will it blend?
Most certainly! Did you know Costa coffee uses Blend-Tec Blenders?
...that's freaki'n amazing...lololololololol
Thanks! Although I have to admit it pales when compared with one from 405th:<br> <a href="http://www.405th.com/showthread.php/32418-Completed-MA37-AR-from-cardboard?highlight=ma37"><br> http://www.405th.com/showthread.php/32418-Completed-MA37-AR-from-cardboard?highlight=ma37<br> </a>
What kind of foam were you using?
All I know for sure is that it wasnt Polyurethane (PU) foam. It was pretty rigid, like a cross between PU and expanded polystyrene. A quick google seems to show the closest match (Appearance-wise) is Extruded Polystyrene: <a href="http://i01.i.aliimg.com/photo/v0/261262675/XPS_Extruded_Polystyrene_or_Styrofoam_Core_Material.jpg">http://i01.i.aliimg.com/photo/v0/261262675/XPS_Extruded_Polystyrene_or_Styrofoam_Core_Material.jpg</a><br> <br> It doesn't break off in tiny chunks like expanded polystyrene, and is much stronger!
I looked it up and i found some Extruded Polystyrene :) Gonna go buy some this weekend but my only question is, does it matter if it is pink or blue? Coz the one i found was pink and is 5 cm the exact thickness that you need or do you need more? <br><br>Thanks in advance! ;)<br><br>
Colour is no problem! It makes no difference after painting, and the only thing i was worried about was whether LEDs might glow through the foam (The did slightly before painting, but after, it there was no light shining through).<br><br>I actually have a spare piece of the foam, so I can tell you it measured 69 x 27 x 5 cm despite my model being about 79 cm long and 7cm wide. This is because I used offcuts for the barrel and the rectangles at the rear, so you dont have to be able to completely fit the model &quot;inside&quot; the dimensions of the foam.<br><br>So, in short, pink foam is just as good, and for most weapons 5cm should be good too!
tht zombie thing does it really say break glass in case of zombie attack <br>
Link to the instructable:<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Crowbar-Case/
No... I never got round to making the letters for it. I made some words and even some humerous picture instructions to print off on a vinyl cutter or laser cutter, but I've been too busy recently to do so. I'll update with a picture if I ever finish it.<br><br>Seeing as I'm about to upload another Halo related instructable, I will make one for the crowbar case too.
Where did you get the rifle plans? i want to use this method for making the magnum
The only ones I ever found were the Assault rifle plans in a certain bungie.net forum thread. As far as I'm aware, no other orthographic projections exist, so your best bet is either:<br><br>1. Finding the magnum file in Halo PC and opening/exporting it to something like 3DS max, and rendering it as an orthographic projection....... effort much =(.<br><br>2. Taking close up screenshots in game, and editing around the outline, then 'shopping on a backgroung using dimensions from halowikia. (Easiest method)<br><br>Sorry I can't be of much more help =/
thanks i thinks ill search the forums. I'm going to try to make the ma37, but i think ill make the magnum first because i don't have enough polystyrene. thanks for the cool instructable
Thanks =D
Nice work - looks good!

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