Step 8: Finishing!

This is the finished product (Without the logos). As you can see in some of the pictures, I still have no permenant place for the 9v battery, and resorted to blutack and discreetly pressing the wires across the terminals!

That pretty much wraps up this instructable, and I hope this helps anyone else planning on making their own foam model.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to comment!
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Amazing instructable, I just hope mine will turn out similar
Creator753 years ago
...that's freaki'n amazing...lololololololol
Shadow Of Intent (author)  Creator753 years ago
Thanks! Although I have to admit it pales when compared with one from 405th:
Lildevil9633 years ago
tht zombie thing does it really say break glass in case of zombie attack
Shadow Of Intent (author)  Lildevil9633 years ago
Link to the instructable:
Shadow Of Intent (author)  Lildevil9633 years ago
No... I never got round to making the letters for it. I made some words and even some humerous picture instructions to print off on a vinyl cutter or laser cutter, but I've been too busy recently to do so. I'll update with a picture if I ever finish it.

Seeing as I'm about to upload another Halo related instructable, I will make one for the crowbar case too.