MA5C in Halo 1


Introduction: MA5C in Halo 1

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pictures of my MA5C assault rifle in halo installation here:



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    I did exactly what you did, but it did no good, can you please halp me?

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    To install the plugins, just drag the plugins folder to your HMT or HHT directory. Open one of them up and there you go. 1. Inject the given files (bitmaps, sounds, model and animations, and meta data) using HMT V3.5 (given plugins not required for these) REMEMBER TO PRESS THE SAVE BUTTON FREQUENTLY! 2. Mod the map according to the text file"Tags to Edit.txt" GIVEN PLUGINS NEEDED FOR THIS (you can put the plugins in both HMT or HHT)! 3. Open up halo and enjoy... *If you get an exception error, it might be you've done something wrong during the meta data and animation injection. If you feel you've done it right and it still doesn't work, inject only the animation tag and nothing in the Meta Data folder. NOTES: - To make the sounds sound better (firing sounds) go to audio setup in settings and turn sound variety to high (sound quality to high as well if you want). - If firing sound still sound buggy, try the sounds in the alternat sound folder under the folder: sounds

    thanks! it works now!!! U should make an instruction for third person

    But you say that on some instructions that some wont work on macs, how'd you do it?

    Ok i have Halo 1 on my mac and Halo Trial and Halo Map Tools on my windows so i took the maps that were on my mac and put it on my 2GB flashdrive and then plugged it in my WIndows, modded the maps and put it back on my mac

    just install windows on bootcamp duh unless you dont have a cd then just use wine and see if it works with that

    its too bad that it won't work for mac