This is an Instructable on the construction of a custom bed frame. The MOST IMPORTANT thing to start with is SAFETY! As this Instructable involves the use of power tools (the author of this Instructable assumes that anyone viewing, attempting or sharing this Instructable, has had the appropriate safety training on the use of power tools and in "shop safety" . Otherwise the author HIGHLY encourages you to seek out and get the necessary safety training before attempting this Instructable) and hand tools in a work shop environment.
This Instructable REQUIRES BASIC CARPENTRY SKILLS that include the ability to use a tape measure, carpenters square, level, drill, screw gun/driver, ratchet, wrenches, circular saw and sliding compound saw. All of the afore mentioned can be purchased and/or rented (if you don't own them) at the same hardware store you will be purchasing the materials from.
As I stated above this is a "custom" bed frame, so after you complete the general structure I strongly advise you to be as creative as you want to be in terms of paint or stain color, types of finish trim or molding, feet type and anything else you can come up with to customize your M.A.C. Bed Frame to your taste.

Step 1: Materials List:

These are the materials (all of which can be found at your local hardware store, but if you have some or all of these items you can use them) you will need to complete the bed frame:
*2" x 8" x 8', Douglas Fir, #2 grade (you can use what ever length, grade or type you desire for your specific custom frame) boards (4) are required.
*2" x 2" x 8', pine, #2 grade boards (8) required.
*1" x 4" x 6', pine, #2 grade boards (7) required and 1" x 4" x 8', pine, #2 grade (2) required.
*1" x 4" metal corner brackets.
*wood glue
*furniture glides (4) required
*1", 2" and 3" wood screws
*spray paint and primer (optional) or stain

<p>Excellent!! Thanks for the tutorial, Cheers!</p>
Great job!
yea.. bruises all over my legs bed..
Awesome bed!&nbsp; It looks great.&nbsp; Now if there were plans to make such a bed with legs to elevate it a little higher.&nbsp; I like storage underneath, and I'm not getting any younger, so a good height doesn't hurt.<br />
Love this bed frame!&nbsp;Could you tell me if it's for a double or a queen?&nbsp;Thanks!<br />

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