M.A.C.U.S.A. Wand Permit Application





Introduction: M.A.C.U.S.A. Wand Permit Application

Hey everyone! Here's an easy DIY project for a M.A.C.U.S.A. Wand Permit and envelope from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! I recreated the permit application and envelope based on images found online of the actual movie prop.


You will also need to download my free templates below (desktop) or above (mobile). When you print them out, print the application double sided and the envelope single sided.

Once that's done, let's move on!

Step 1: Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial above or continue through the written instructions that follow.

Step 2: Cutting

Cut everything out using a ruler and x-acto knife so you get nice straight edges. When you cut out the envelope, leave the gray Muggle Magic tabs on. We'll be using them to glue the envelope together.

Step 3: Cutting, Gluing, Folding, Gluing...

First, we'll need a slit in the front of the envelope for the large flap to tuck into so it can close when it's finished. line the large flap up where it will fold over the front of the envelope, then mark on either side of it above where the arrow starts. This is where we can make the slit for it to tuck into. Use your ruler and X-Acto knife. Check out the photos and video for reference.

Next, glue the flaps onto the main envelope piece. The large flap will be glued to the top right side of the envelope and the small flap will go on the bottom right side of the envelope.

Now fold the long gray Muggle Magic flap in, then fold the front of the envelope over. Fold the front back open, apply glue to the long Muggle Magic flap, then fold the front over again to glue it down onto the flap.

Apply glue to the white side of the bottom flap, fold it up and flue it down on the front of the envelope.

Your envelope should be finished now. Just fold the long flap down over the front of the envelope and tuck it into the slit you made.

Step 4: Folding the Wand Permit Application

You will want to make two folds on the application. One between the two main columns on the left side and another between the three permits and the two columns. This should fold it into the right size to fit in your envelope.

Step 5: You're Finished!

That's it! You're all done!

Please let me know what you think and share your creations in the comments below!

Thanks for viewing!

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    If you're using thick paper you can use the xacto knife to lightly score lines you need to fold to make the folding easier.



    I love this! I haven't seen the color selection before. Still working on nailing down some green pens so I can fill out the permit. Using 8.5 by 11 paper seemed like it would be harder but it really isn't that much of a hassle. I would note that the permit has a few flaws such as colour rather than color on an American form. As well as the fact that the wood in my wand isn't noted on the form. But these are both faults with MACUSA not your instructable. Keep making awesome printables.

    Do you mind if I include this with some wands I sell? This seems really cool.

    I don't mind if you do that. Feel free to also share my instructables page and YouTube channel, as well!