Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: The Tools You'll Need

First, You need 2 magnets (I took mine apart from two speakers)

Step 2: What to Do

First, I hot glued one magnet onto my alarm clock.

Next, I hot glued the second on the cabinet that was near my bed.

Step 3: Warning

Make sure the magnet does not interfere with the screen of the clock

<p>hey the clock could get jammed due to the magnetic force , the magnet will stop the magnet wheel in side clock..</p>
<p>I checked before doing this so exactly that won't happen. What do you mean by &quot;magnet wheel&quot;</p>
<p>u kno the small black cylindrical wheel where motion starts first..on which coil wound metal surrounds</p><p>.. </p>
<p>Also, don't forget to send a picture if you make it :)</p>

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