Hi Guys,I am Back With Another Instructable.
In This Instructable, I am Going To Show You How To make a universal Magnetic Phone Holder
It Can Hold Your Phone in Any position(Portrait or Landscape)
I Used It For 1 Hour Straight To Check That My Phone Doesn't Fall Off From It &
It Turned Out To Be SUCCESS.
Now I Decorated It A little Bit To make it Look Good.
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(This Is V1, V2 Is In Procces)

Step 1: What All Will You Need!

In This Step I am Going To Tell you What all You Will Need For This Project.
I tried My Best To reduce The No.Of Things We need & This Is The Result
We Only Need 3 Things For This Projects.

1) Thin Metal Sheet
2)Small Circular Neodymium Magnet
3) Small Speaker Magnet(Everyone Has Few Burned Out Speakers,I salvaged Mine From Those)

Now Lets See The Tools We Are Going To Need-
We Require No Professional Tools Except A Glue Gun
2) Glue Gun

Step 2: Attaching the Magnets Together!

Now Place The Neodymium Magnet On the Speaker Magnet
It Will Automatically Join With it.
Just Position The Neodymium In The Middle Of The Speaker Magnet.

Step 3: Modifying the Phone Cover!

In This Step We Are Going To modify Our Phone Cover In Order To Stick Our Phone Onto The Magnet.
(Its Better To See Photos While Reading In order To Understand Better)

Step 1- Cut Down A Small Portion Of Metal Sheet(According to The Size Of Your Phone Cover,It Should Fit Inside Your Phone Cover.)
Step 2-Cut Down The Edges Of the small Portion We extracted From the metal Sheet(So,It Doesn't scratch your Phone)
Step 3- Now Place The Small Portion Into Your Phone Cover(As Shown In The Photo)
Step 4- Cut A Small piece Of Paper And Place It On The Small Piece Of Metal Sheet.(As Shown in The Photo,I Didn't Want To Scratch My Phone's Back,So For More Protection I Used A Piece Of Paper && It Worked Fine.)
Step 5- Place Your Phone Inside the Modified Cover & We Are Done!!

Step 4: Placing the Magnets on the Metal Sheet & Testing.

In This Step I Am Going To Show You How To Make The Metal Sheet Magnetic.
Step 1-Place The Pair Of Neodymium Magnet & Speaker Magnet Onto The Middle Of The Thin Metal Sheet.
(Now We Have Finally Made The Concept Of This Instructable)

TEST IT BEFORE GOING FURTHER!(If You Did Everything Right The Phone Should Stick Onto The Metal Sheet)

Step 5: Designing the Metal Sheet!

If You Had Been Reading My Instructable,
You May Have Thought That The Metal Sheet Looks Crappy(It Has Rust On It,I Apologize For That!)
So I Started Decorating My Metal Sheet A Little Bit.
I Used Normal Glue To Paste The Photos I got Out With my Printer!

Step 6: Just 1 Step Away!

Now In Previous Step You Saw That I Decorated My Metal Sheet & It Looks Like This(In The Photo)
Now You May Think How Will I Mount The Setup on The Wall?
Check Out The Next Step To See How I Did It!!

Step 7: Mounting the Setup on the Wall!

Now In This Step I Mounted My Setup On The wall!
Step 1-Take Of the Magnets From The Metal Sheet.
Step 2- Apply A Lot Of Hot Glue On The Back Of The Speaker Magnet!
Step 3- Stick It Onto the Wall(As shown In Photo)
Step 4- Mount The Metal Sheet Back On the Magnets
Step 5(Optional)-Apply Some Hot Glue On The Sides Of Metal Sheet And Stick Them Onto The wall Too(To Make It more Sturdy)

Step 8: We Are Done!!!

So We Have Finally Finished Building This Magnetic Phone Holder!.
Now You Can Mount Any Metal Object Onto it(Including Your Phone)
Wasn't this Fun?
I will See You Next Time!
If You liked My Concept PLEASE VOTE for Me In Contest!
Jai Guru Ji!
(Name Of My Role Model)



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    Having strong magnets so close to your phone is very risky and could result in permanent loss of data/functions.

    Did the metal plate on the back of your phone affect the phones range?

    The phones system range. The signal strength. Do you have the same number of bars?

    It Doesnt Affect The signal strength!

    Why do you need two magnets?

    because the speaker magnet is not strong enough to hold your phone in place.

    Ok, thanks!

    won't this glitch out the phone in a long run?

    “The vast majority of magnets that you come across day to day, even many of the super-strong ones on the market, will have no adverse effect on your smartphone,”
    In fact, within the device there will be a number of very small magnets which perform important functions. For example, the new Apple Watch uses A magnetic Inductive wireless charging system.