Well, maybe not a cake--more like a hot pink puffed rice cookie...Anyway, here's a nice way to make a mould for any pourable confection that doesn't require baking.

Step 1: Draw Your Footprint.

If you have a computer file, print it out. If you want to draw freehand, do it. I wanted to use the MAKE Magazine logo to celebrate our first birthday, and decided to try drawing it freehand.

I used a waxed paper box as the basis for my line width. I had the logo on a magazine cover as reference, and used a ruler to help me judge the width and height of each letter in reference to each other letter. It's not a perfect rendition, but it's pretty close.
it's look amazing i'll do one as soon as i could
Nice! would you happen to know how to get orange?
There are orange food coloring things out there... otherwise you could use red and yellow.
I LOVE this. hm maybe if I used the outsole molds from my shoes, i could make edible soles!
sweet !
Cool! But ((cake??)) <em>it looks like rice crispy treats lol</em> Nice instructable tho!<br/>
I thought that was uncooked hamburger. lol
Love this project... gave me an idea for a birthday "cake"! Thank you for sharing.
You're welcome! Delighted it was helpful :-)
Thanks so much for the idea. I made these for a group I go to called, well, can you guess?
I love it! Thanks for posting the photos...
yum,that looks so good! if you used coco pops would it come out chocolate flavoured?
EXCELLENT IDEA!!!! I`ll make THAT as soon as I can!
i no
it was the most messes i've seen. thats is cool
hi can somone help me please. I need to make a cake for 21st birthday party. I have never made a cake in my whole life. I have been quoted £70 for somone to make the cake. To be honest I could probably make 10 of them for that money. Can anyone help me please?
ill try and make that
(I meant I like IT! I got carried away!)
(I meant I like IT! I got carried away!)
Cool! I like eat! (sugarteen`s OTHER brother)
Next time, try jelly beans in place of marshmallows! (sugarteen`s brother)
Dude that looks really good! I loooove rice crispy treats and I think I'll try it tomorrow..
The pictures make me want to try this with raw hamburger ;) I wonder how difficult it would be to do the same sort of thing with aluminum flashing and lead-free solder.
this is much better than getting a store bought cake for a loved one's birthday. Could also spice up the design by creating different batches of colours and building in a pattern as you fill in the letters.
Looks yummy!!! Can I have some???

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