Step 3: The Finished Setup

Picture of The Finished Setup
This is how the finished high voltage supply looks like.

Remember, this is a DC supply. The output from the thick wire is positive. In TVs and CRTs this high voltage output drives the negative electrons from the filament to the screen.

If you need AC high voltage, you have to remove the built-in diode or find an old flyback transformer that does not have a built-in diode.
waselsded4 years ago
y have complet circuit but not work yet
if i test the flyback with 12 volt whats nomber of volt i will see in avometer
hitachi84 years ago
someone have an idea how can i made an high voltage supply but with extremly low Amp ? the kind of i can touch without dieing ?
so how do you remove the diode without ruining it
Cheathum145 years ago
Can this power supply be used for a plasma speaker?
scorpyon6 years ago
Looks dangerous, that setup. The non-conected two red leads on top of the flyback (some mm from each other) is focus and G2 voltages, and represent respective 7.5Kv and 800-1200v. ( in a 300v pulsing setup, like a crt) These two can deliver bigger currents than the hi-voltage (eht) output. Been rapairing crt´s for 20years, an focus lead is the worst smack a tv can give.....(40 minutes with shaking and swearing and smoking) Be careful all of you, and pulldown the focus with 1k5 (hi voltage rating, 5W) and G2 with 2k2 (hi voltage rating, 2W min.) and isolate those. If the CFL is pulsing you will be hit by the hv-ghost........ (been there, done that......)
Biotele (author)  scorpyon6 years ago
absolutely dangerous.
And freaking awesome too! All  great achievements were once thought dangerous and impossible. Just be careful folks.