Meet my zombie, Dexter. Here's a step-by-step to make his HEAD!!

Tools needed:

-skull prop
-toilet paper/tissue paper
-paper mache liquid of some sort (I used Sta-flo)
-paint color of your choice
-hair and elmers glue (I'll explain later...)

optional: exact-o knife and BBQ stick

Step 1: Making the Mouth Open

Step 1-
First, what I did was buy a cheap skull prop. This one is entirely light, fragile, and made of foam.. cheap enough to tear apart, but also easy enough to put back together.

THIS STEP IS OPTIONAL. I wanted its mouth to be open, so this is how I did it. If you don't want its mouth open, skip this step. I took an exacto knife and just cut off the sides and where the teeth meet. It's styrofoam so to reattach it, I angled it to how wide I wanted the mouth open, and used a BBQ stick to pierce both pieces together.

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