A simple do it yourself method is explained to print and stick custom labels onto home brew electronic equipment
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Picture of WHAT YOU NEED
1.  A laser printer : This will be used to print the text / graphics which have been composed using a PC.

2. The instrument cover on which the labels are to be stuck : This could be any equipment and the method is suitable for all surfaces. In the current demonstration the text color is black so a suitable background color should be selected.

3. 3M Magic Scotch tape : Scotch® Magic™ Tape is the original matte-finish, invisible tape. Frosty on the roll but invisible on paper, It’s the preferred tape for offices, home offices and schools.

4. Hobby knife : Which will be used for cutting the label strips.

5. A spray can of clear lacquer : This is typically the clear lacquer used as a protective coating on Printed Circuit Boards.
Great idea! Thanks for sharing!
ajoyraman (author) 3 years ago
Please Checkout

This Project implements a LC-Meter based on an open source design of a "Surprisingly Accurate LC meter" by Phil Rice VK3BHR at
gast3 years ago
Really like this. Instead of the lacquer maybe a third piece of tape to preserve the printing.
Thanks for posting.
ajoyraman (author)  gast3 years ago
I tried out your suggestion with 3M and another more transparent tape, the first is slightly dull and second a little shiny. Both are a bit thicker. But for 'Quick & Easy' you win !
pfred23 years ago
I want to see an article about how you made your LC meter.
wambs83 years ago
Great idea. I will keep this neat trick in mind.
1tri2god3 years ago
This is AWESOME!!!!!!! Thank you for posting it!!!